Not Another New Years Resolution

I haven’t given New Years a thought, let alone a resolution. Between the whirlwind of destruction my toddlers cause and preparation for a newborn most days I am unsure of the month let alone the day. I guess a good resolution would be to start paying attention to the dates more, so I don’t forget how much closer to wrinkles and grays I am.

Man what a cop out huh? Fine! I’ll give it a go. I am resolute not to fake interest in a gym membership, pretend I won’t eat that burger and I certainly won’t post a new year new me status. No, none of the clichés! If I’m gonna pledge to do something for the new year it will be some sort of bucket list type scenario. I need something that will pump me up. I need something that will pump those around me up!

This New Years I guess it’s time. Time to pull out the old hairbrush. The one I hide in the shower. This New Years, 2015, the year Punk Rock Papa goes Punk Rock Rappa.

Yes! It’s time to dust off the hairbrush I hide conveniently in the linen closet near the bathroom. The one that accompanies me into the shower.

I’m ready to join the echelons of beat murderers and tongue twisters. 2015 will be the year of the dad rap. I’ll call my style parent flow. Ahh I can see it now! Kids in the background bobbing heads in unison. Move aside Barney, you’ve been dethroned! I’m reclaiming my spot at the top of the cool charts, right up there with Old McDonald’s Farm and that woman always coming round the mountain.

An abridged version of this resolution was featured over at DQM. You should check out some of the other bloggers who participated. Hilarity may ensue.

What’s your New Years resolution? What’s the over under on you sticking with it?


7 thoughts on “Not Another New Years Resolution

  1. I love this so much, I think you’re completely bad ass for dethroning Barney. That purple annoying bastard has yet to have his comeuppance, and you’re just the Papa to do it!!! My New Years resolution is to accept that I’m a perfectly flawed human being and that I make mistakes. But I will never be, or think of myself as a mistake. Blessings to a very happy new year to you and your precious family. 😃

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