We are parents.

Usually my pieces are read by four to five different people before I even publish or put the link up on my site. Grammar errors, wordy sentences are cleaned up but, more importantly, my self doubt and anxiety over putting myself out there are subdued.

One of these people who read my articles before anyone else is Samara. Without her drive and friendship and cheering I wouldn’t be able to share my life with the world. She pushes me to better myself. She works with me to shake those feelings of anxiety and pre publish jitters.

When I showed her this parent piece and she told me that she wanted to run it on Sisterwives, a collaborative of jaw dropping good writers, I felt like I might faint. I look up to Samara. She is one of my biggest supporters and also someone I look to as a bloggy mentor of sorts. My Yoda.

So here I am, still not quite sure if it’s real, on Sisterwives, talking about the one thing I love above all else, being a parent. You can read my piece here



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