An Award for my Blog Mantle

When I found out I had received an “Inspirational Blogger Award” from csmommy I thought ” Wow, Liebster 2.0″. For those unfamiliar with the Liebster I’ll fill you in! The Liebster was a chain award I got nominated for three times! This was particularly magnificent because I had only written like two posts. So I said my thank you’s and what not then slinked into the shadows to avoid having to do the blog write up and subsequent nominations.

Not this time!

This time around I will be all over this award like white on rice! I like this award, I feel as though I’ve actually earned something here. During my short span of time as a “blogger” I have had a few posts that resonated with people enough that they thanked me for writing them. If that’s not inspirational and only thoughtful B.S. then they are quite the grand bullshitters. Anyways, thank you Shot of Common Sense for the honor!

1. Why did you start your blog?

I have no idea! People kept pushing and prodding for me to write more than snarky statuses. I think I started the blog in hopes that people would see it and be like “Man, I shouldn’t have asked him to blog and now I have to tell him to stop because it’s awful and embarrassing”

Turns out I carved a cubby hole sized niche out for my blog and I fell in love with writing. So I guess thanks for pushing me, kicking and screaming, into the blogosphere guys!

2. What is the book you have read that has touched you the most?

Wow, that’s a tough question. I like to think there have been multiple books that have touched or shaped me. As a kid Where the Red Fern Grows made me sob and feel the bond of love that can be forged between a human and their animal companion. As a young teen Perks of Being a Wallflower taught me to live in the moment and be infinite, completely forging my belief that being different is okay as long as you surround yourself with people who accept you. The Shadow of the Wind made me a hopeless romantic spellbound at the notion of the magical thing that is love. Finally, The Glass Castle taught me to let go of my past, of anger or sadness, because I wasn’t alone in not having a less than desirable upbringing.

3. If you could eat dinner with a famous person who is still living, whom would you choose?

Famous person? Donald Glover! Troy and Briton eating dinnerrr!

Haha I feel it would be a good time and I could learn so much from him but to be honest I would much rather have a meal with my fellow Bunker Punks, they have so much more to say that I would be interested in hearing than anyone “famous”. We are famous, we made our own community and did it in style!

4. Where is the one place you have visited that gives you complete calmness?

I haven’t really visited anyplace that gave me calmness. The only times I feel truly calm is snuggled up with my children on the couch while we watch the purple dinosaur.

5. Are you a bucket list person? If so, name one thing on it?

Absolutely! My bucket list is vast and will need to be divided among friends to be completed. I will say that seeing something I have written in print with my name attached to it is on there.

6. What is the goal of your blog?

The goal? Oh dear, I don’t know. I guess some people are in it to get the thoughts out of their brains while others are in it with dreams of becoming writers and quitting their day jobs. The goal of my blog? That’s a tough one. I would like to see my words affect more people, whether bringing them to tears or laughter. So I guess my goal is to weasel my blog somehow into everyone’s hearts.

7. What is a well day spent to you?

The curtain opens to a punk rock parent snuggled on his couch with three tyrants. They all seem to be smiling and watching football. No one has any bruises or bite marks and everyone napped for at least three hours. End scene.

8. How do you start your day?

My kids shout “Dad!” from their cribs and I shout it back until finally we are all giggling. Then I tell my wife that I am malnourished and wish she fed me more. When she asks me what I want for breakfast I say either good or nothing, leading to me getting punched and her making me eggs. That’s pretty much your average morning in my house.

9. What is your favorite holiday?

My birthday. Does that need explanation? Yes, my birthday is a celebrated holiday and if you were smart you would use the day as a holiday in your life too. “Can’t work today, it’s Punk Rock Papa day, sorry”

10. Are you where you want to be professionally and if not, what will you do about it?

Hahahaha! No, I hate my job! I work at night driving a forklift around doing a ton of crap. I do it to provide for my family, not out of my love of retail and merchandising. What will I do about it? Well I’ll keep working there until someone tells me that they discovered my writing and want to hand me large sums of cash to focus on it.

11. What is your favorite quote?

“Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time” which is from the movie American History X. It’s funny as an angry youth I took that movie completely different than I do now. I remember lacing up my boots and being some angry white boy. Now that I have children the message from the movie is vastly different to me. I have the pitbull tattoos Edward Norton rocks in that movie on my back actually! I love that movie!

Okay, so I am supposed to give five nominations, no? That’s so difficult! I have to choose between people who I find inspirational and those I know will actually take the time to do this! Didn’t even factor in that someone else might nominate my nominations then we have this awkward fight over who gets who and it’s prom night all over again. Well if I’m picking, take me to hussytopia. I nominate The Original Hussy and That Shameless Hussy. Follow them up with Developing Dad, his big words inspire me to break out a dictionary, once I figure out what he is saying I’m left nodding my head in agreement most days. Then I am going to spin to Danielle, Loorducate me baby! Can I nominate myself again? I did get three Liebsters two weeks into my blogging career! Fine I won’t nominate me! I guess it’s Tracy on the Rocks, who is an inspiration and my blog workout partner, thanks for constantly pushing me T.Rex!