Is Clint Edwards an Alien? And an Amazing One At That?

Years ago, Clint Edwards reached out to me on social media about doing a collaboration together. Clint is an affable person, and it showed through the work of his page and blog No Idea What I’m Doing. At the time, I had begun gaining some traction with my writing. Sites were publishing my work as long as I remained disciplined enough to sit and write it. It was a pretty cool time in my life.

I’d love to say the collaboration resulted in this everlasting friendship I love and cherish to this day. Unfortunately, it never happened. I am a little hazy on the details, but I believe I somehow blew it off. If I remember correctly, I was supposed to do a follow-up or something which never occurred. We never got to write together. At the time, it felt totally out of my comfort zone to collaborate with someone on writing. I remember trying to riff guitars with a guy in my dorm room freshman year of college. Afterwards, the guy said I was a terrible guitar player. To his point, I was, but still. Incidents like that always stick with you. When Clint reached out, the idea of that happening again was way too much for my self-esteem. I didn’t want to sit and collaborate on a piece only for Clint to realize how truly terrible of a writer I really was.

I missed out on this amazing opportunity to work with a great person. Over the years, I have gotten to enjoy watching Clint grow from his blog, to a part of a writing staff on a prominent site, to a now THRICE-published author. His journey has been truly incredible.

The past is the past for a reason, or whatever Rafiki says in Lion King. Have you guys seen the live motion picture forty billion times, too? Oh man, we have some catching up to do.

I’m basically saying I am ready for that collaboration, Clint. I need to cash in on those coattails!

Clint AGAIN reached out to me a couple months ago about his new book, Silence Is a Scary Sound, which is available NOW! I got the opportunity of a lifetime to get in on the ground-level. Of course I accepted. The book is out today, and it is worth the read.

That’s it! I am done.

“It’s worth the read.” Briton “Punk Rock Papa” Underwood. 

Slap that on the back of the next book!

I could dive into the sincere stories* telling you of Clint’s ability to bring that heartwarming feeling and a smile to your face.

*Sometimes Getting Up In The Night Was The Only Chance I Had To Feel Like a Dad is a mouthful and a beautiful story. It’s like a fine wine; warming you up on a crisp November Night (BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW).

Or we could talk about the joys of bringing a potty training to Disneyland (Clint did, so we don’t have to.)**

**Seriously good story from The Threenager section. No spoilers, but Aspen could probably out-pee a race horse. It’s basically Seabiscuit if Seabiscuit peed at Disney…A lot! I haven’t seen the movie, but I don’t know many race horses by name. (BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW).

Now, I’ve had the pleasure to watch Clint grow. Our friendship song is Every Breathe You Take. I’ve read his book, I’m Sorry…Love, Your Husband. I OWN IT (BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW). This guy seems too good to be true. Not like a phony-bologna type of thing. I don’t think he is making this stuff up. We don’t have to do a whole Oprah-Million Little Pieces takedown.

I just think Clint might be too good to be an actual person. I have this conspiracy that aliens exist and Clint Edward’s is probably their ambassador to the parenting world.

If Clint is not an alien- I apologize in advance to Mel for assuming you were alien by association.- he is just that amazing and genuine of a person.

I can’t say enough good things about Clint, or the words he has written. His new book is fantastic. If you haven’t checked out his other books, or his popular blog, consider this an opportunity to do so.

If you’d like to join my book club, Clint Edwards is an Alien, this month we will be going over how Dad’s Never The Favorite is actually an allegory for how much Clint misses his home planet.  


We will find the truth. Thanks for letting me do this, Clint!