Happy Valentine’s Day

Dear love,

This Valentine’s Day will be one for the books! As soon as I figure out what the date actually is, we will hallmark it up! Roses, you like those right? That’s your favorite flower, right? Awww screw flowers, our love is eternal whereas flowers wilt and fade away! The chocolates, yes I shall buy you a heart box filled with chocolates! Your favorite chocolate is…white chocolate, right? Screw chocolates, you don’t need it! No, no,no! I didn’t call you fat! You still have the damn chocolate from Halloween on top of the fridge! You know, the basket that was YOURS, because you said I would eat all your chocolate!

Ok, ok- what about a card. You like funny and silly. Or was it deep and sentimental. Shit! Dinner? I’ll take you out for Gyros even though you know I despise them, this is YOUR holiday anyways. Oh, now you want nothing! Don’t lie, I’m not falling for this one again! You said that about our anniversary and i slept on the couch for two weeks! Our anniversary, that’s soon too right? Why not do a two-for-one? Oh, now you want something for both days, I see.

Well, I wrote you a poem. Yes honey, a poem. No I didn’t steal it from the Internet! *sigh* ok HALF was stolen from the Internet. Only the roses are red violets are blue part are plagiarism sweetie!

I give up! I give up! Here’s some flowers, chocolate, a card with a poem and some jewelry!

Oh…I love you too, Im glad you like it. No, it wasn’t a big deal- I just wanted you to know I love you. Can’t wait till next year. Is it sex time yet?

Love, Always and forever.