Cheerleader Daddy

I remember when my boys were in belly time phase. Remember that phase? You lay them on their belly and watch as that gigantic head of theirs frantically moves around. Being at home with them during that day we always had our set time right after naps for belly time. I don’t know what other people do during this time, maybe they coo to the child or update social media or take photos. Not this guy.

First step in belly time was getting the right music going. I may or may not have a playlist exclusively of movie montage songs. It might include ” Highway to the Danger Zone” and ” Eye Of The Tiger”. Ok, I do! I do have that playlist and it’s AWESOME! That was always started up before belly time and has been played many times since for other developmental exercise.

Next step to Punk Rock Papa’s Baby Gym was to grab a headband. No, not for the kids. I needed a headband. During belly time I turned into a cross between drill sergeant and Richard Simmons. I would slide in from everywhere.
“Roll! Roll! Roll! Don’t quit, you got this!”

“Work it, work it! Flail them arms like you just don’t care!”

The kids, admittedly, were at first confused by my antics. Why does the feeder of bottles and majestic changer of diapers keep acting like a loon after nap time? After time though, they got in the groove. “Danger Zone” would come on to gigantic smiles. It was so much fun for all of us. They looked like those dog bobbleheads. I laughed, they laughed, we bonded.

Oh man, then they started rolling! Whenever one managed to roll themselves to their backs I would go nuts for them! Touchdown celebrations, dancing with the dogs and of course cuddles! I would go wild. My craziness was met with a chorus of giggles. The kids would be reset only to again roll. Their eyes would look at daddy and you could see the spark of pride and excitement flickering strongly.

The crazy antics haven’t toned down either. I still become the most ridiculous person when it comes to milestones. I love the name Punk Rock Papa, but Cheerleader Daddy would have been equally appropriate. I’ll always be over the top, eventually it will be too much when I show up to their sports events with my own stereo and copy of the playlist. I love cheering my kids on. I love the glow that takes their face when they succeed at something. I love the determination that takes over their faces when they falter. I love being their biggest cheerleader.

For those interested, here is the playlist;
1) Kenny Loggins- “Danger Zone”
2) Survivor- “Eye Of the Tiger”
3) Joe Esposito- ” You’re The Best ”
4) Kansas- “Carry on my Wayward Son”
5)Whitesnake- “Here I Go Again”